Daytona 2016

Track facts: Red Bull Global Rallycross MCAS New River

For the second straight event, Red Bull Global Rallycross returns to a 2015 venue with a shortened layout from last year’s course. But if Daytona’s speedy circuit from two weekends ago is any indication, the new look at Marine Corps Air Station New River should produce even more exciting racing than last year, with a new start-finish straightaway, an extended dirt section, and the return of a longer Joker Lap.


  • Length: .713 miles
  • Turns: 9
  • Pavement: 58.3%
  • Dirt: 41.7%
  • Joker Entry: Turn 7, right-hand


“I believe the track direction will be a little odd at first because not only is the track going counterclockwise compared to last year, but most of the tracks we race on have also been in a clockwise direction,” explains GRC Lites veteran Alejandro Fernandez. “I think it will be a slight improvement since you’ll have better awareness of how close you can get the front of the car to your apex since most of the corners will be left-handers.

“The dirt is always a major passing zone for a number of reasons, especially a more technical dirt section like this one. In the dirt, it’s a lot easier to make a mistake, the grip is always changing, the moisture contributes to the grip also and lastly a little bit of contact can get you off line and there goes your position.

“The Joker will be very tricky from what I can tell looking at the track map. It seems like it will be close, but still a bit slower compared to the normal line. Most of the time, if not all the time, you don’t have a set Joker strategy until you get situated after the first corner—which is all dependent on your track position and who’s in front and behind. One thing is for sure: it seems like a very exciting track to drive on and I’m ready to get after it!”


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Supercar TV: July 2, 5PM ET, NBC; July 3, 5PM ET, NBC // Lites TV: July 6, 4:30PM ET, NBCSN
Streaming: July 3, 5:30PM ET, Red Bull TV